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JobDelegate Class Referenceabstract

#include <v8-platform.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual bool ShouldYield ()=0
virtual void NotifyConcurrencyIncrease ()=0
virtual uint8_t GetTaskId ()=0
virtual bool IsJoiningThread () const =0

Detailed Description

Delegate that's passed to Job's worker task, providing an entry point to communicate with the scheduler.

Definition at line 158 of file v8-platform.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTaskId()

virtual uint8_t GetTaskId ( )
pure virtual

Returns a task_id unique among threads currently running this job, such that GetTaskId() < worker count. To achieve this, the same task_id may be reused by a different thread after a worker_task returns.

◆ IsJoiningThread()

virtual bool IsJoiningThread ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns true if the current task is called from the thread currently running JobHandle::Join().

◆ NotifyConcurrencyIncrease()

virtual void NotifyConcurrencyIncrease ( )
pure virtual

Notifies the scheduler that max concurrency was increased, and the number of worker should be adjusted accordingly. See Platform::PostJob() for more details.

◆ ShouldYield()

virtual bool ShouldYield ( )
pure virtual

Returns true if this thread should return from the worker task on the current thread ASAP. Workers should periodically invoke ShouldYield (or YieldIfNeeded()) as often as is reasonable.

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