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V8 is Google's open source JavaScript engine
Platform Class Referenceabstract

#include <v8-platform.h>

Public Types

typedef void(* StackTracePrinter) ()

Public Member Functions

virtual ~Platform ()=default
virtual PageAllocatorGetPageAllocator ()
virtual void OnCriticalMemoryPressure ()
virtual bool OnCriticalMemoryPressure (size_t length)
virtual int NumberOfWorkerThreads ()=0
virtual std::shared_ptr< v8::TaskRunnerGetForegroundTaskRunner (Isolate *isolate)=0
virtual void CallOnWorkerThread (std::unique_ptr< Task > task)=0
virtual void CallBlockingTaskOnWorkerThread (std::unique_ptr< Task > task)
virtual void CallLowPriorityTaskOnWorkerThread (std::unique_ptr< Task > task)
virtual void CallDelayedOnWorkerThread (std::unique_ptr< Task > task, double delay_in_seconds)=0
virtual bool IdleTasksEnabled (Isolate *isolate)
virtual std::unique_ptr< JobHandlePostJob (TaskPriority priority, std::unique_ptr< JobTask > job_task)=0
virtual double MonotonicallyIncreasingTime ()=0
virtual double CurrentClockTimeMillis ()=0
virtual StackTracePrinter GetStackTracePrinter ()
virtual TracingControllerGetTracingController ()=0
virtual void DumpWithoutCrashing ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static V8_EXPORT double SystemClockTimeMillis ()

Detailed Description

V8 Platform abstraction layer.

The embedder has to provide an implementation of this interface before initializing the rest of V8.

Definition at line 507 of file v8-platform.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ StackTracePrinter

typedef void(* StackTracePrinter) ()

Definition at line 665 of file v8-platform.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~Platform()

virtual ~Platform ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ CallBlockingTaskOnWorkerThread()

virtual void CallBlockingTaskOnWorkerThread ( std::unique_ptr< Task task)

Schedules a task that blocks the main thread to be invoked with high-priority on a worker thread.

Definition at line 568 of file v8-platform.h.

References Platform::CallOnWorkerThread().

◆ CallDelayedOnWorkerThread()

virtual void CallDelayedOnWorkerThread ( std::unique_ptr< Task task,
double  delay_in_seconds 
pure virtual

Schedules a task to be invoked on a worker thread after |delay_in_seconds| expires.

◆ CallLowPriorityTaskOnWorkerThread()

virtual void CallLowPriorityTaskOnWorkerThread ( std::unique_ptr< Task task)

Schedules a task to be invoked with low-priority on a worker thread.

Definition at line 577 of file v8-platform.h.

References Platform::CallOnWorkerThread().

◆ CallOnWorkerThread()

virtual void CallOnWorkerThread ( std::unique_ptr< Task task)
pure virtual

Schedules a task to be invoked on a worker thread.

Referenced by Platform::CallBlockingTaskOnWorkerThread(), and Platform::CallLowPriorityTaskOnWorkerThread().

◆ CurrentClockTimeMillis()

virtual double CurrentClockTimeMillis ( )
pure virtual

Current wall-clock time in milliseconds since epoch. This function is expected to return at least millisecond-precision values.

◆ DumpWithoutCrashing()

virtual void DumpWithoutCrashing ( )

Tells the embedder to generate and upload a crashdump during an unexpected but non-critical scenario.

Definition at line 682 of file v8-platform.h.

◆ GetForegroundTaskRunner()

virtual std::shared_ptr<v8::TaskRunner> GetForegroundTaskRunner ( Isolate isolate)
pure virtual

Returns a TaskRunner which can be used to post a task on the foreground. The TaskRunner's NonNestableTasksEnabled() must be true. This function should only be called from a foreground thread.

Referenced by DefaultPlatform::GetForegroundTaskRunner().

◆ GetPageAllocator()

virtual PageAllocator* GetPageAllocator ( )

Allows the embedder to manage memory page allocations.

Definition at line 514 of file v8-platform.h.

Referenced by DefaultPlatform::GetPageAllocator().

◆ GetStackTracePrinter()

virtual StackTracePrinter GetStackTracePrinter ( )

Returns a function pointer that print a stack trace of the current stack on invocation. Disables printing of the stack trace if nullptr.

Definition at line 671 of file v8-platform.h.

◆ GetTracingController()

virtual TracingController* GetTracingController ( )
pure virtual

Returns an instance of a v8::TracingController. This must be non-nullptr.

Referenced by DefaultPlatform::GetTracingController().

◆ IdleTasksEnabled()

virtual bool IdleTasksEnabled ( Isolate isolate)

Returns true if idle tasks are enabled for the given |isolate|.

Definition at line 593 of file v8-platform.h.

◆ MonotonicallyIncreasingTime()

virtual double MonotonicallyIncreasingTime ( )
pure virtual

Monotonically increasing time in seconds from an arbitrary fixed point in the past. This function is expected to return at least millisecond-precision values. For this reason, it is recommended that the fixed point be no further in the past than the epoch.

Referenced by DefaultPlatform::MonotonicallyIncreasingTime().

◆ NumberOfWorkerThreads()

virtual int NumberOfWorkerThreads ( )
pure virtual

Gets the number of worker threads used by Call(BlockingTask)OnWorkerThread(). This can be used to estimate the number of tasks a work package should be split into. A return value of 0 means that there are no worker threads available. Note that a value of 0 won't prohibit V8 from posting tasks using |CallOnWorkerThread|.

◆ OnCriticalMemoryPressure() [1/2]

virtual void OnCriticalMemoryPressure ( )

Enables the embedder to respond in cases where V8 can't allocate large blocks of memory. V8 retries the failed allocation once after calling this method. On success, execution continues; otherwise V8 exits with a fatal error. Embedder overrides of this function must NOT call back into V8.

Definition at line 526 of file v8-platform.h.

◆ OnCriticalMemoryPressure() [2/2]

virtual bool OnCriticalMemoryPressure ( size_t  length)

Enables the embedder to respond in cases where V8 can't allocate large memory regions. The |length| parameter is the amount of memory needed. Returns true if memory is now available. Returns false if no memory could be made available. V8 will retry allocations until this method returns false.

Embedder overrides of this function must NOT call back into V8.

Definition at line 540 of file v8-platform.h.

◆ PostJob()

virtual std::unique_ptr<JobHandle> PostJob ( TaskPriority  priority,
std::unique_ptr< JobTask job_task 
pure virtual

Posts |job_task| to run in parallel. Returns a JobHandle associated with the Job, which can be joined or canceled. This avoids degenerate cases:

  • Calling CallOnWorkerThread() for each work item, causing significant overhead.
  • Fixed number of CallOnWorkerThread() calls that split the work and might run for a long time. This is problematic when many components post "num cores" tasks and all expect to use all the cores. In these cases, the scheduler lacks context to be fair to multiple same-priority requests and/or ability to request lower priority work to yield when high priority work comes in. A canonical implementation of |job_task| looks like: class MyJobTask : public JobTask { public: MyJobTask(...) : worker_queue_(...) {} // JobTask: void Run(JobDelegate* delegate) override { while (!delegate->ShouldYield()) { // Smallest unit of work. auto work_item = worker_queue_.TakeWorkItem(); // Thread safe. if (!work_item) return; ProcessWork(work_item); } }

    size_t GetMaxConcurrency() const override { return worker_queue_.GetSize(); // Thread safe. } }; auto handle = PostJob(TaskPriority::kUserVisible, std::make_unique<MyJobTask>(...)); handle->Join();

PostJob() and methods of the returned JobHandle/JobDelegate, must never be called while holding a lock that could be acquired by JobTask::Run or JobTask::GetMaxConcurrency – that could result in a deadlock. This is because [1] JobTask::GetMaxConcurrency may be invoked while holding internal lock (A), hence JobTask::GetMaxConcurrency can only use a lock (B) if that lock is never held while calling back into JobHandle from any thread (A=>B/B=>A deadlock) and [2] JobTask::Run or JobTask::GetMaxConcurrency may be invoked synchronously from JobHandle (B=>JobHandle::foo=>B deadlock).

A sufficient PostJob() implementation that uses the default Job provided in libplatform looks like: std::unique_ptr<JobHandle> PostJob( TaskPriority priority, std::unique_ptr<JobTask> job_task) override { return v8::platform::NewDefaultJobHandle( this, priority, std::move(job_task), NumberOfWorkerThreads()); }

Referenced by DefaultPlatform::PostJob().

◆ SystemClockTimeMillis()

static V8_EXPORT double SystemClockTimeMillis ( )

Default implementation of current wall-clock time in milliseconds since epoch. Useful for implementing |CurrentClockTimeMillis| if nothing special needed.

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