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PropertyDescriptor Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

 PropertyDescriptor ()
 PropertyDescriptor (Local< Value > value)
 PropertyDescriptor (Local< Value > value, bool writable)
 PropertyDescriptor (Local< Value > get, Local< Value > set)
 ~PropertyDescriptor ()
Local< Valuevalue () const
bool has_value () const
Local< Valueget () const
bool has_get () const
Local< Valueset () const
bool has_set () const
void set_enumerable (bool enumerable)
bool enumerable () const
bool has_enumerable () const
void set_configurable (bool configurable)
bool configurable () const
bool has_configurable () const
bool writable () const
bool has_writable () const
PrivateData * get_private () const
 PropertyDescriptor (const PropertyDescriptor &)=delete
void operator= (const PropertyDescriptor &)=delete

Detailed Description

An instance of a Property Descriptor, see Ecma-262 6.2.4.

Properties in a descriptor are present or absent. If you do not set enumerable, configurable, and writable, they are absent. If value, get, or set are absent, but you must specify them in the constructor, use empty handles.

Accessors get and set must be callable or undefined if they are present.

Only query properties if they are present, i.e., call x() only if has_x() returns true.
// var desc = {writable: false}
v8::PropertyDescriptor d(Local<Value>()), false);
d.value(); // error, value not set
if (d.has_writable()) {
d.writable(); // false
// var desc = {value: undefined}
// var desc = {get: undefined}
v8::PropertyDescriptor d(v8::Undefined(isolate), Local<Value>()));

Definition at line 4035 of file v8.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PropertyDescriptor ( Local< Value value,
bool  writable 
PropertyDescriptor ( Local< Value get,
Local< Value set 
PropertyDescriptor ( const PropertyDescriptor )

Member Function Documentation

bool configurable ( ) const
bool enumerable ( ) const
Local<Value> get ( ) const
PrivateData* get_private ( ) const

Definition at line 4071 of file v8.h.

bool has_configurable ( ) const
bool has_enumerable ( ) const
bool has_get ( ) const
bool has_set ( ) const
bool has_value ( ) const
bool has_writable ( ) const
void operator= ( const PropertyDescriptor )
Local<Value> set ( ) const
void set_configurable ( bool  configurable)
void set_enumerable ( bool  enumerable)
Local<Value> value ( ) const
bool writable ( ) const

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