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FunctionCallbackInfo< T > Class Template Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

V8_INLINE int Length () const
V8_INLINE Local< Valueoperator[] (int i) const
V8_INLINE V8_DEPRECATED ("Use Data() to explicitly pass Callee instead", Local< Function > Callee() const)
V8_INLINE Local< ObjectThis () const
V8_INLINE Local< ObjectHolder () const
V8_INLINE Local< ValueNewTarget () const
V8_INLINE bool IsConstructCall () const
V8_INLINE Local< ValueData () const
V8_INLINE IsolateGetIsolate () const
V8_INLINE ReturnValue< T > GetReturnValue () const

Static Public Attributes

static const int kArgsLength = 8

Protected Member Functions

V8_INLINE FunctionCallbackInfo (internal::Object **implicit_args, internal::Object **values, int length)

Protected Attributes

internal::Object ** implicit_args_
internal::Object ** values_
int length_

Static Protected Attributes

static const int kHolderIndex = 0
static const int kIsolateIndex = 1
static const int kReturnValueDefaultValueIndex = 2
static const int kReturnValueIndex = 3
static const int kDataIndex = 4
static const int kCalleeIndex = 5
static const int kContextSaveIndex = 6
static const int kNewTargetIndex = 7


class internal::FunctionCallbackArguments
class internal::CustomArguments< FunctionCallbackInfo >
class debug::ConsoleCallArguments

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class v8::FunctionCallbackInfo< T >

The argument information given to function call callbacks. This class provides access to information about the context of the call, including the receiver, the number and values of arguments, and the holder of the function.

Definition at line 131 of file v8.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FunctionCallbackInfo()

FunctionCallbackInfo ( internal::Object **  implicit_args,
internal::Object **  values,
int  length 

Definition at line 9461 of file v8.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Data()

Local< Value > Data ( ) const

The data argument specified when creating the callback.

Definition at line 9499 of file v8.h.

◆ GetIsolate()

Isolate * GetIsolate ( ) const

The current Isolate.

Definition at line 9505 of file v8.h.

◆ GetReturnValue()

ReturnValue< T > GetReturnValue ( ) const

The ReturnValue for the call.

Definition at line 9511 of file v8.h.

◆ Holder()

Local< Object > Holder ( ) const

If the callback was created without a Signature, this is the same value as This(). If there is a signature, and the signature didn't match This() but one of its hidden prototypes, this will be the respective hidden prototype.

Note that this is not the prototype of This() on which the accessor referencing this callback was found (which in V8 internally is often referred to as holder [sic]).

Definition at line 9487 of file v8.h.

◆ IsConstructCall()

bool IsConstructCall ( ) const

Indicates whether this is a regular call or a construct call.

Definition at line 9517 of file v8.h.

◆ Length()

int Length ( ) const

The number of available arguments.

Definition at line 9523 of file v8.h.

◆ NewTarget()

Local< Value > NewTarget ( ) const

For construct calls, this returns the "new.target" value.

Definition at line 9493 of file v8.h.

◆ operator[]()

Local< Value > operator[] ( int  i) const

Accessor for the available arguments.

Definition at line 9467 of file v8.h.

References v8::Undefined().

◆ This()

Local< Object > This ( ) const

Returns the receiver. This corresponds to the "this" value.

Definition at line 9481 of file v8.h.


V8_INLINE V8_DEPRECATED ( "Use Data() to explicitly pass Callee instead"  ,
Local< Function > Callee() const   

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ debug::ConsoleCallArguments

friend class debug::ConsoleCallArguments

Definition at line 3686 of file v8.h.

◆ internal::CustomArguments< FunctionCallbackInfo >

Definition at line 3685 of file v8.h.

◆ internal::FunctionCallbackArguments

friend class internal::FunctionCallbackArguments

Definition at line 3684 of file v8.h.

Field Documentation

◆ implicit_args_

internal::Object** implicit_args_

Definition at line 3698 of file v8.h.

◆ kArgsLength

const int kArgsLength = 8

Definition at line 3681 of file v8.h.

◆ kCalleeIndex

const int kCalleeIndex = 5

Definition at line 3692 of file v8.h.

◆ kContextSaveIndex

const int kContextSaveIndex = 6

Definition at line 3693 of file v8.h.

◆ kDataIndex

const int kDataIndex = 4

Definition at line 3691 of file v8.h.

◆ kHolderIndex

const int kHolderIndex = 0

Definition at line 3687 of file v8.h.

◆ kIsolateIndex

const int kIsolateIndex = 1

Definition at line 3688 of file v8.h.

◆ kNewTargetIndex

const int kNewTargetIndex = 7

Definition at line 3694 of file v8.h.

◆ kReturnValueDefaultValueIndex

const int kReturnValueDefaultValueIndex = 2

Definition at line 3689 of file v8.h.

◆ kReturnValueIndex

const int kReturnValueIndex = 3

Definition at line 3690 of file v8.h.

◆ length_

int length_

Definition at line 3700 of file v8.h.

◆ values_

internal::Object** values_

Definition at line 3699 of file v8.h.

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