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PromiseRejectMessage Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

 PromiseRejectMessage (Local< Promise > promise, PromiseRejectEvent event, Local< Value > value, Local< StackTrace > stack_trace)
V8_INLINE Local< PromiseGetPromise () const
V8_INLINE PromiseRejectEvent GetEvent () const
V8_INLINE Local< ValueGetValue () const
 V8_DEPRECATED ("Use v8::Exception::CreateMessage(GetValue())->GetStackTrace()", V8_INLINE Local< StackTrace > GetStackTrace() const)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 5771 of file v8.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PromiseRejectMessage ( Local< Promise promise,
PromiseRejectEvent  event,
Local< Value value,
Local< StackTrace stack_trace 

Definition at line 5773 of file v8.h.

Member Function Documentation

V8_INLINE PromiseRejectEvent GetEvent ( ) const

Definition at line 5781 of file v8.h.

V8_INLINE Local<Promise> GetPromise ( ) const

Definition at line 5780 of file v8.h.

V8_INLINE Local<Value> GetValue ( ) const

Definition at line 5782 of file v8.h.

V8_DEPRECATED ( "Use v8::Exception::CreateMessage(GetValue())->GetStackTrace()"  ,
V8_INLINE Local< StackTrace > GetStackTrace()  const 

Definition at line 5784 of file v8.h.

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