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CpuProfileNode Class Reference

#include <v8-profiler.h>

Data Structures

struct  LineTick

Public Member Functions

Local< StringGetFunctionName () const
int GetScriptId () const
Local< StringGetScriptResourceName () const
int GetLineNumber () const
int GetColumnNumber () const
unsigned int GetHitLineCount () const
bool GetLineTicks (LineTick *entries, unsigned int length) const
const char * GetBailoutReason () const
unsigned GetHitCount () const
unsigned GetCallUid () const
unsigned GetNodeId () const
int GetChildrenCount () const
const CpuProfileNodeGetChild (int index) const
const std::vector< CpuProfileDeoptInfo > & GetDeoptInfos () const

Static Public Attributes

static const int kNoLineNumberInfo = Message::kNoLineNumberInfo
static const int kNoColumnNumberInfo = Message::kNoColumnInfo

Detailed Description

CpuProfileNode represents a node in a call graph.

Definition at line 52 of file v8-profiler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBailoutReason()

const char* GetBailoutReason ( ) const

Returns bailout reason for the function if the optimization was disabled for it.

◆ GetCallUid()

unsigned GetCallUid ( ) const

Returns function entry UID.

◆ GetChild()

const CpuProfileNode* GetChild ( int  index) const

Retrieves a child node by index.

◆ GetChildrenCount()

int GetChildrenCount ( ) const

Returns child nodes count of the node.

◆ GetColumnNumber()

int GetColumnNumber ( ) const

Returns 1-based number of the column where the function originates. kNoColumnNumberInfo if no column number information is available.

◆ GetDeoptInfos()

const std::vector<CpuProfileDeoptInfo>& GetDeoptInfos ( ) const

Retrieves deopt infos for the node.

◆ GetFunctionName()

Local<String> GetFunctionName ( ) const

Returns function name (empty string for anonymous functions.)

◆ GetHitCount()

unsigned GetHitCount ( ) const

Returns the count of samples where the function was currently executing.

◆ GetHitLineCount()

unsigned int GetHitLineCount ( ) const

Returns the number of the function's source lines that collect the samples.

◆ GetLineNumber()

int GetLineNumber ( ) const

Returns the number, 1-based, of the line where the function originates. kNoLineNumberInfo if no line number information is available.

◆ GetLineTicks()

bool GetLineTicks ( LineTick entries,
unsigned int  length 
) const

Returns the set of source lines that collect the samples. The caller allocates buffer and responsible for releasing it. True if all available entries are copied, otherwise false. The function copies nothing if buffer is not large enough.

◆ GetNodeId()

unsigned GetNodeId ( ) const

Returns id of the node. The id is unique within the tree

◆ GetScriptId()

int GetScriptId ( ) const

Returns id of the script where function is located.

◆ GetScriptResourceName()

Local<String> GetScriptResourceName ( ) const

Returns resource name for script from where the function originates.

Field Documentation

◆ kNoColumnNumberInfo

const int kNoColumnNumberInfo = Message::kNoColumnInfo

Definition at line 121 of file v8-profiler.h.

◆ kNoLineNumberInfo

const int kNoLineNumberInfo = Message::kNoLineNumberInfo

Definition at line 120 of file v8-profiler.h.

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