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ScriptOriginOptions Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Member Functions

V8_INLINE ScriptOriginOptions (bool is_embedder_debug_script=false, bool is_shared_cross_origin=false, bool is_opaque=false)
V8_INLINE ScriptOriginOptions (int flags)
bool IsEmbedderDebugScript () const
bool IsSharedCrossOrigin () const
bool IsOpaque () const
int Flags () const

Detailed Description

The optional attributes of ScriptOrigin.

Definition at line 989 of file v8.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScriptOriginOptions() [1/2]

V8_INLINE ScriptOriginOptions ( bool  is_embedder_debug_script = false,
bool  is_shared_cross_origin = false,
bool  is_opaque = false 

Definition at line 991 of file v8.h.

◆ ScriptOriginOptions() [2/2]

V8_INLINE ScriptOriginOptions ( int  flags)

Definition at line 997 of file v8.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Flags()

int Flags ( ) const

Definition at line 1007 of file v8.h.

◆ IsEmbedderDebugScript()

bool IsEmbedderDebugScript ( ) const

Definition at line 1000 of file v8.h.

◆ IsOpaque()

bool IsOpaque ( ) const

Definition at line 1006 of file v8.h.

◆ IsSharedCrossOrigin()

bool IsSharedCrossOrigin ( ) const

Definition at line 1003 of file v8.h.

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