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V8Inspector Class Referenceabstract

#include <v8-inspector.h>

Data Structures

class  Channel
class  Counters

Public Member Functions

virtual ~V8Inspector ()=default
virtual void contextCreated (const V8ContextInfo &)=0
virtual void contextDestroyed (v8::Local< v8::Context >)=0
virtual void resetContextGroup (int contextGroupId)=0
virtual v8::MaybeLocal< v8::ContextcontextById (int contextId)=0
virtual void idleStarted ()=0
virtual void idleFinished ()=0
virtual void asyncTaskScheduled (StringView taskName, void *task, bool recurring)=0
virtual void asyncTaskCanceled (void *task)=0
virtual void asyncTaskStarted (void *task)=0
virtual void asyncTaskFinished (void *task)=0
virtual void allAsyncTasksCanceled ()=0
virtual V8StackTraceId storeCurrentStackTrace (StringView description)=0
virtual void externalAsyncTaskStarted (const V8StackTraceId &parent)=0
virtual void externalAsyncTaskFinished (const V8StackTraceId &parent)=0
virtual unsigned exceptionThrown (v8::Local< v8::Context >, StringView message, v8::Local< v8::Value > exception, StringView detailedMessage, StringView url, unsigned lineNumber, unsigned columnNumber, std::unique_ptr< V8StackTrace >, int scriptId)=0
virtual void exceptionRevoked (v8::Local< v8::Context >, unsigned exceptionId, StringView message)=0
virtual bool associateExceptionData (v8::Local< v8::Context >, v8::Local< v8::Value > exception, v8::Local< v8::Name > key, v8::Local< v8::Value > value)=0
virtual std::unique_ptr< V8InspectorSessionconnect (int contextGroupId, Channel *, StringView state)=0
virtual std::unique_ptr< V8StackTracecreateStackTrace (v8::Local< v8::StackTrace >)=0
virtual std::unique_ptr< V8StackTracecaptureStackTrace (bool fullStack)=0
virtual std::shared_ptr< CountersenableCounters ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static std::unique_ptr< V8Inspectorcreate (v8::Isolate *, V8InspectorClient *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 265 of file v8-inspector.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~V8Inspector()

virtual ~V8Inspector ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ allAsyncTasksCanceled()

virtual void allAsyncTasksCanceled ( )
pure virtual

◆ associateExceptionData()

virtual bool associateExceptionData ( v8::Local< v8::Context ,
v8::Local< v8::Value exception,
v8::Local< v8::Name key,
v8::Local< v8::Value value 
pure virtual

◆ asyncTaskCanceled()

virtual void asyncTaskCanceled ( void *  task)
pure virtual

◆ asyncTaskFinished()

virtual void asyncTaskFinished ( void *  task)
pure virtual

◆ asyncTaskScheduled()

virtual void asyncTaskScheduled ( StringView  taskName,
void *  task,
bool  recurring 
pure virtual

◆ asyncTaskStarted()

virtual void asyncTaskStarted ( void *  task)
pure virtual

◆ captureStackTrace()

virtual std::unique_ptr<V8StackTrace> captureStackTrace ( bool  fullStack)
pure virtual

◆ connect()

virtual std::unique_ptr<V8InspectorSession> connect ( int  contextGroupId,
Channel ,
StringView  state 
pure virtual

◆ contextById()

virtual v8::MaybeLocal<v8::Context> contextById ( int  contextId)
pure virtual

◆ contextCreated()

virtual void contextCreated ( const V8ContextInfo )
pure virtual

◆ contextDestroyed()

virtual void contextDestroyed ( v8::Local< v8::Context )
pure virtual

◆ create()

static std::unique_ptr<V8Inspector> create ( v8::Isolate ,

◆ createStackTrace()

virtual std::unique_ptr<V8StackTrace> createStackTrace ( v8::Local< v8::StackTrace )
pure virtual

◆ enableCounters()

virtual std::shared_ptr<Counters> enableCounters ( )
pure virtual

◆ exceptionRevoked()

virtual void exceptionRevoked ( v8::Local< v8::Context ,
unsigned  exceptionId,
StringView  message 
pure virtual

◆ exceptionThrown()

virtual unsigned exceptionThrown ( v8::Local< v8::Context ,
StringView  message,
v8::Local< v8::Value exception,
StringView  detailedMessage,
StringView  url,
unsigned  lineNumber,
unsigned  columnNumber,
std::unique_ptr< V8StackTrace ,
int  scriptId 
pure virtual

◆ externalAsyncTaskFinished()

virtual void externalAsyncTaskFinished ( const V8StackTraceId parent)
pure virtual

◆ externalAsyncTaskStarted()

virtual void externalAsyncTaskStarted ( const V8StackTraceId parent)
pure virtual

◆ idleFinished()

virtual void idleFinished ( )
pure virtual

◆ idleStarted()

virtual void idleStarted ( )
pure virtual

◆ resetContextGroup()

virtual void resetContextGroup ( int  contextGroupId)
pure virtual

◆ storeCurrentStackTrace()

virtual V8StackTraceId storeCurrentStackTrace ( StringView  description)
pure virtual

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