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CpuProfile Class Reference

#include <v8-profiler.h>

Public Member Functions

unsigned GetUid () const
Handle< StringGetTitle () const
const CpuProfileNodeGetBottomUpRoot () const
const CpuProfileNodeGetTopDownRoot () const
void Delete ()

Detailed Description

CpuProfile contains a CPU profile in a form of two call trees:

  • top-down (from main() down to functions that do all the work);
  • bottom-up call graph (in backward direction).

Definition at line 122 of file v8-profiler.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Delete()

void Delete ( )

Deletes the profile and removes it from CpuProfiler's list. All pointers to nodes previously returned become invalid. Profiles with the same uid but obtained using different security token are not deleted, but become inaccessible using FindProfile method. It is embedder's responsibility to call Delete on these profiles.

◆ GetBottomUpRoot()

const CpuProfileNode* GetBottomUpRoot ( ) const

Returns the root node of the bottom up call tree.

◆ GetTitle()

Handle<String> GetTitle ( ) const

Returns CPU profile title.

◆ GetTopDownRoot()

const CpuProfileNode* GetTopDownRoot ( ) const

Returns the root node of the top down call tree.

◆ GetUid()

unsigned GetUid ( ) const

Returns CPU profile UID (assigned by the profiler.)

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