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External Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

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Public Member Functions

V8EXPORT void * Value () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Value
bool IsUndefined () const
bool IsNull () const
V8EXPORT bool IsTrue () const
V8EXPORT bool IsFalse () const
bool IsString () const
V8EXPORT bool IsFunction () const
V8EXPORT bool IsArray () const
V8EXPORT bool IsObject () const
V8EXPORT bool IsBoolean () const
V8EXPORT bool IsNumber () const
V8EXPORT bool IsExternal () const
V8EXPORT bool IsInt32 () const
V8EXPORT bool IsUint32 () const
V8EXPORT bool IsDate () const
V8EXPORT bool IsBooleanObject () const
V8EXPORT bool IsNumberObject () const
V8EXPORT bool IsStringObject () const
V8EXPORT bool IsNativeError () const
V8EXPORT bool IsRegExp () const
V8EXPORT Local< BooleanToBoolean () const
V8EXPORT Local< NumberToNumber () const
V8EXPORT Local< StringToString () const
V8EXPORT Local< StringToDetailString () const
V8EXPORT Local< ObjectToObject () const
V8EXPORT Local< IntegerToInteger () const
V8EXPORT Local< Uint32ToUint32 () const
V8EXPORT Local< Int32ToInt32 () const
V8EXPORT Local< Uint32ToArrayIndex () const
V8EXPORT bool BooleanValue () const
V8EXPORT double NumberValue () const
V8EXPORT int64_t IntegerValue () const
V8EXPORT uint32_t Uint32Value () const
V8EXPORT int32_t Int32Value () const
V8EXPORT bool Equals (Handle< Value > that) const
V8EXPORT bool StrictEquals (Handle< Value > that) const

Static Public Member Functions

static V8EXPORT Local< ValueWrap (void *data)
static void * Unwrap (Handle< Value > obj)
static V8EXPORT Local< ExternalNew (void *value)
static ExternalCast (Value *obj)

Detailed Description

A JavaScript value that wraps a C++ void*. This type of value is mainly used to associate C++ data structures with JavaScript objects.

The Wrap function V8 will return the most optimal Value object wrapping the C++ void*. The type of the value is not guaranteed to be an External object and no assumptions about its type should be made. To access the wrapped value Unwrap should be used, all other operations on that object will lead to unpredictable results.

Definition at line 1928 of file v8.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Cast()

External * Cast ( v8::Value value)

Definition at line 4410 of file v8.h.

◆ New()

static V8EXPORT Local<External> New ( void *  value)

◆ Unwrap()

void * Unwrap ( Handle< Value obj)

Definition at line 4207 of file v8.h.

◆ Value()

V8EXPORT void* Value ( ) const

◆ Wrap()

static V8EXPORT Local<Value> Wrap ( void *  data)

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