v8  3.28.71(node0.12.18)
V8 is Google's open source JavaScript engine
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CAlignOfHelper< T >
 CCopyablePersistentTraits< T >
 CCustomArguments< T >
 CEternal< T >
 CFunctionCallbackInfo< T >
 CHandle< T >
 CHandle< v8::Boolean >
 CHandle< v8::Context >
 CHandle< v8::Integer >
 CHandle< v8::String >
 CHandle< v8::UnboundScript >
 CHandle< v8::Value >
 CMaybe< T >
 CNonCopyablePersistentTraits< T >
 CPersistentBase< T >
 CPersistentValueMap< K, V, Traits >
 CPersistentValueMap< K, V, Traits >::PersistentValueReference
 CPersistentValueVector< V, Traits >
 CPropertyCallbackInfo< T >
 CReturnValue< T >
 CSmiTagging< ptr_size >
 CSmiTagging< 4 >
 CSmiTagging< 8 >
 CStdMapTraits< K, V >
 CWeakCallbackData< T, P >
 CWeakCallbackObject< T, P >