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PersistentValueVector< V, Traits > Class Template Reference

#include <v8-util.h>

Public Member Functions

 PersistentValueVector (Isolate *isolate)
 ~PersistentValueVector ()
void Append (Local< V > value)
void Append (UniquePersistent< V > persistent)
bool IsEmpty () const
size_t Size () const
Local< V > Get (size_t index) const
void Clear ()
void ReserveCapacity (size_t capacity)

Detailed Description

template<typename V, typename Traits = DefaultPersistentValueVectorTraits>
class v8::PersistentValueVector< V, Traits >

A vector wrapper that safely stores UniquePersistent values. C++11 embedders don't need this class, as they can use UniquePersistent directly in std containers.

This class relies on a backing vector implementation, whose type and methods are described by the Traits class. The backing map will handle values of type PersistentContainerValue, with all conversion into and out of V8 handles being transparently handled by this class.

Definition at line 405 of file v8-util.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PersistentValueVector()

PersistentValueVector ( Isolate isolate)

Definition at line 407 of file v8-util.h.

◆ ~PersistentValueVector()

~PersistentValueVector ( )

Definition at line 409 of file v8-util.h.

References PersistentValueVector< V, Traits >::Clear().

Member Function Documentation

◆ Append() [1/2]

void Append ( Local< V >  value)

Append a value to the vector.

Definition at line 416 of file v8-util.h.

References PersistentBase< T >::UniquePersistent.

◆ Append() [2/2]

void Append ( UniquePersistent< V >  persistent)

Append a persistent's value to the vector.

Definition at line 424 of file v8-util.h.

◆ Clear()

void Clear ( )

Remove all elements from the vector.

Definition at line 452 of file v8-util.h.

References PersistentBase< T >::UniquePersistent.

Referenced by PersistentValueVector< V, Traits >::~PersistentValueVector().

◆ Get()

Local<V> Get ( size_t  index) const

Retrieve the i-th value in the vector.

Definition at line 445 of file v8-util.h.

References Handle< T >::Local.

◆ IsEmpty()

bool IsEmpty ( ) const

Are there any values in the vector?

Definition at line 431 of file v8-util.h.

◆ ReserveCapacity()

void ReserveCapacity ( size_t  capacity)

Reserve capacity in the vector. (Efficiency gains depend on the backing implementation.)

Definition at line 465 of file v8-util.h.

◆ Size()

size_t Size ( ) const

How many elements are in the vector?

Definition at line 438 of file v8-util.h.

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