v8  3.28.71 (node 0.12.18)
V8 is Google's open source JavaScript engine
v8::platform Namespace Reference


v8::PlatformCreateDefaultPlatform (int thread_pool_size=0)
bool PumpMessageLoop (v8::Platform *platform, v8::Isolate *isolate)

Function Documentation

◆ CreateDefaultPlatform()

v8::Platform* v8::platform::CreateDefaultPlatform ( int  thread_pool_size = 0)

Returns a new instance of the default v8::Platform implementation.

The caller will take ownership of the returned pointer. |thread_pool_size| is the number of worker threads to allocate for background jobs. If a value of zero is passed, a suitable default based on the current number of processors online will be chosen.

◆ PumpMessageLoop()

bool v8::platform::PumpMessageLoop ( v8::Platform platform,
v8::Isolate isolate 

Pumps the message loop for the given isolate.

The caller has to make sure that this is called from the right thread. Returns true if a task was executed, and false otherwise. This call does not block if no task is pending. The |platform| has to be created using |CreateDefaultPlatform|.