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SnapshotCreator Class Reference

#include <v8.h>

Public Types

enum  FunctionCodeHandling { kClear, kKeep }

Public Member Functions

 SnapshotCreator (intptr_t *external_references=nullptr, StartupData *existing_blob=nullptr)
 ~SnapshotCreator ()
IsolateGetIsolate ()
void SetDefaultContext (Local< Context > context)
size_t AddContext (Local< Context > context, SerializeInternalFieldsCallback callback=SerializeInternalFieldsCallback())
size_t AddTemplate (Local< Template > template_obj)
StartupData CreateBlob (FunctionCodeHandling function_code_handling)
 SnapshotCreator (const SnapshotCreator &)=delete
void operator= (const SnapshotCreator &)=delete

Detailed Description

Helper class to create a snapshot data blob.

Definition at line 8097 of file v8.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum FunctionCodeHandling

Definition at line 8099 of file v8.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SnapshotCreator ( intptr_t *  external_references = nullptr,
StartupData existing_blob = nullptr 

Create and enter an isolate, and set it up for serialization. The isolate is either created from scratch or from an existing snapshot. The caller keeps ownership of the argument snapshot.

existing_blobexisting snapshot from which to create this one.
external_referencesa null-terminated array of external references that must be equivalent to CreateParams::external_references.
SnapshotCreator ( const SnapshotCreator )

Member Function Documentation

size_t AddContext ( Local< Context context,
SerializeInternalFieldsCallback  callback = SerializeInternalFieldsCallback() 

Add additional context to be included in the snapshot blob. The snapshot will include the global proxy.

callbackoptional callback to serialize internal fields.
the index of the context in the snapshot blob.
size_t AddTemplate ( Local< Template template_obj)

Add a template to be included in the snapshot blob.

the index of the template in the snapshot blob.
StartupData CreateBlob ( FunctionCodeHandling  function_code_handling)

Created a snapshot data blob. This must not be called from within a handle scope.

function_code_handlingwhether to include compiled function code in the snapshot.
{ nullptr, 0 } on failure, and a startup snapshot on success. The caller acquires ownership of the data array in the return value.
Isolate* GetIsolate ( )
the isolate prepared by the snapshot creator.
void operator= ( const SnapshotCreator )
void SetDefaultContext ( Local< Context context)

Set the default context to be included in the snapshot blob. The snapshot will not contain the global proxy, and we expect one or a global object template to create one, to be provided upon deserialization.

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