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Isolate::CreateParams Struct Reference

#include <v8.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CreateParams ()

Data Fields

FunctionEntryHook entry_hook
JitCodeEventHandler code_event_handler
ResourceConstraints constraints
CounterLookupCallback counter_lookup_callback
CreateHistogramCallback create_histogram_callback
AddHistogramSampleCallback add_histogram_sample_callback
intptr_t * external_references
bool allow_atomics_wait

Detailed Description

Initial configuration parameters for a new Isolate.

Definition at line 6366 of file v8.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Field Documentation

AddHistogramSampleCallback add_histogram_sample_callback

Definition at line 6417 of file v8.h.

bool allow_atomics_wait

Whether calling Atomics.wait (a function that may block) is allowed in this isolate.

Definition at line 6437 of file v8.h.

Referenced by Isolate::CreateParams::CreateParams().

ArrayBuffer::Allocator* array_buffer_allocator

The ArrayBuffer::Allocator to use for allocating and freeing the backing store of ArrayBuffers.

Definition at line 6423 of file v8.h.

JitCodeEventHandler code_event_handler

Allows the host application to provide the address of a function that is notified each time code is added, moved or removed.

Definition at line 6391 of file v8.h.

ResourceConstraints constraints

ResourceConstraints to use for the new Isolate.

Definition at line 6396 of file v8.h.

CounterLookupCallback counter_lookup_callback

Enables the host application to provide a mechanism for recording statistics counters.

Definition at line 6408 of file v8.h.

CreateHistogramCallback create_histogram_callback

Enables the host application to provide a mechanism for recording histograms. The CreateHistogram function returns a histogram which will later be passed to the AddHistogramSample function.

Definition at line 6416 of file v8.h.

FunctionEntryHook entry_hook

The optional entry_hook allows the host application to provide the address of a function that's invoked on entry to every V8-generated function. Note that entry_hook is invoked at the very start of each generated function. Furthermore, if an entry_hook is given, V8 will not use a snapshot, including custom snapshots.

Definition at line 6385 of file v8.h.

intptr_t* external_references

Specifies an optional nullptr-terminated array of raw addresses in the embedder that V8 can match against during serialization and use for deserialization. This array and its content must stay valid for the entire lifetime of the isolate.

Definition at line 6431 of file v8.h.

StartupData* snapshot_blob

Explicitly specify a startup snapshot blob. The embedder owns the blob.

Definition at line 6401 of file v8.h.

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